☕ 10 Important Steps Before Launching Your Startup

I know you want to buy that URL, but try doing these first

  1. Get idea that fits the plan

  2. Ask different people if they would buy or use the product

  3. Determine what the demographic is that would use your product - most people that say they would use the product or service

  4. Identify demographic levels

  5. Identify similar companies and find out how quickly they hit similar demographic levels

  6. Determine conversion rate of people who say they will buy the product and those that actually do.

  7. Come up with a launch plan.  How do you get your first 10 customers?

  8. Research licensing industry.  Who licenses the most?  Would they be interested in that product? (Why launch a business and do the hard work if you can simply license!)

  9. Write out a plan for how cash actually flows into your pocket

  10. Determine how this industry wants to charge (for their licenses)