☕ A Brief Newsletter Update

Introducing some small changes to help you with your startup journey

You’re probably aware (or maybe not) that over the last several months 1MC.news been changing and trying things. Some of the times this has worked and some of the times its failed (a true startup story 😋). As the publication has started to produce more content, confidence has been building that we have a relevant voice to add to the entrepreneur journey.

As a natural introvert, I don’t talk about myself often. The reality is I’ve experienced many of the warts of the startup world that aren’t often discussed. I’ve also had some amazing successes (or at least what some people would consider successes). As a member of the community, I feel its my duty to pass along my experiential knowledge so other can more easily avoid the pitfalls. There are plenty of charlatans in our industry, and having a keen eye on how to spot them is important if you wish to achieve your wildest dreams.

Rather than inundating people with emails who are just here for the main event, I’ve made a decision to add on an additional tier of content. This will come in the form of 2 additional emails per week (Monday and Friday) in addition to your normally scheduled Wednesday invite. The new content will be somewhat unstructured, but will dig deeper into the underlying business fundamentals of a startup, discuss startup culture, and try to provide some entertainment from the point of an entrepreneur who is “in it” daily.

If you’re not interested, that’s no problem. You’ll still receive your event invite every Wednesday morning like clockwork, and WILL NOT be spammed with other messages throughout the week. The one change that you’ll experience is that Wednesday event invite title will now reflect the article content being sent out that week. To make things simple, I will continue to include the coffee emoji ☕ at the start of email subjects to make sure 1MC invites don’t get lost in the shuffle.

If you’re interest has been piqued, I’ve made it easy to give the additional content a try to see if its of value. My hope is over the coming months I can explain more of my story and give you an insiders view of the reality of starting a business, raising capital, splitting with founders, being sued, and ultimately leaving the company you founded. And hopefully we’ll throw some successes in there too. 😀

To give it a go, you can click on the button below. Members have 30 days to evaluate and can downgrade any time, so you’ll have time to figure out if its worth it or not.

Thanks, and I appreciate you all.


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