Anti-Na: Ease Nausea Discomfort Naturally

All while naturally replenishing depleted energy


Natural ingredients for natural relief, so today can be better than yesterday.

Anti-Na soft chew supplements come in 2 delightful flavors lemon and ginger.

  • Lemon flavor: refreshing lemon flavor with a soft ginger bread aftertaste

  • Ginger flavor: delightfully soft ginger flavor without the sharp bitter bite of fresh ginger or ginger candies

  • 8 Individually wrapped Anti-Na soft chew supplements

Key Ingredients & Benefits

  • Ginger Root Powder: Anti-Inflammatory, Antioxidant properties ease stomach discomfort*

  • Vitamin B6: Known to significantly reduce feelings of nausea*

  • Bioenergy Ribose: Naturally stimulate energy production at the cellular level.

  • Lemon: Aids in digestion by preventing build-up of toxins*

  • Only 2 grams of Sugar, and 20 calories

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