🧠 BrainPod makes learning easy

Take 1 extra course per semester & graduate quicker

Remember reading textbooks for hours on end? Higher Ed hasn’t changed, and 50% of students don’t see graduation day. BrainPod helps students take 1 extra course per term to graduate quicker, saving tuition fees and setting them up for a better life.



BrainPod's Student Plan is designed for students who would rather spend their time and money on activities other than sticking their nose into a textbook.


BrainPod's Family Plan is designed for students who want to enhance their college experience while graduating on time. Families who choose this plan will get matched with a real-life Academic Liaison whose job it is to save time and money wherever possible while making sure the student never falls behind. 


Starting with your course syllabus, Brain Pod's team of experts will immediately get to work on building your personalized schedule complete with auto-alerts and reminders so you can manage your time better and get help when its needed.


Expert help from our qualified tutors is always less than a few taps away! Connect quickly and conveniently via Zoom, FaceTime, or another video-sharing platform of your choice. Our tutors are ready to do whatever it takes to help you learn better.

Remote Learning, made easy - Our tutors are trained to create the “in-person” connection that is so often missing for students who are forced to study from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. This enhanced connection helps students feel more comfortable and thus helps them learn better.

Any Subject, No Restrictions - Your tutoring package can be used whenever and however you want, no questions asked. Our tutors are committed to the highest level of customer service by scheduling regular-basis sessions with you, walking you through concepts in a way that works for you, and even letting you work through problems individually before discussing.

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