⚕️Current Surgical: Enabling doctors to treat untreatable cancers

Real-time imaging during treatment for ultra-precise ablation

Annually, 43,000 people are diagnosed with liver cancer with roughly 50% of those tumors being detected early. The 5-year survival rate is only 18%.

Doctors are unable to treat a large percentage of solid tumors using today’s techniques due to proximity to arteries, ducts, other organs.

Current Surgical aims to address this $100MM market (growing to $2.4 B when considering other cancer types) with a device that delivers ultra-precise ablations at an affordable price. They alleviate the current surgical issues by solving three (3) key problems:

  1. Probe positioning with respect to the tumor

  2. Real-time treatment monitoring

  3. Ability to precisely treat margins and avoid damaging critical anatomy (e.g., vessels, ducts)

The system utilizes disposable, small scale sensors capable of combined sensing and treatment. Tool tips detect tumor location, treatment zone and remaining tumor margin concurrently.

The device is currently in development and awaiting animal trials.

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