Do Stuff & Meet People with activity8

"I simply DO what I love, meet new people and make money$ while doing it!"

From our presenter last week:

We are inspired, excited and grateful to share with you a new world of social media with a call to action to experience through activity!

Our goal is for this tool to connect you with near by people with similar activities and interests and encourage you to engage in fun, exciting and rewarding experiences! May your life be fulfilled and joyful.

Using ancient philosophies of human existence and diving deep into psychology of one’s mind activity8 touches on many basic human needs.

However, in simple terms…

It’s in our nature to want to experience and share our experiences with others.

We believe an experiential based LIFE is an extraordinary life.


People are looking for more from their social and dating apps with a greater awareness for productivity and a lower attention span.

We direct members to engage quickly in activities and allow them to browse profiles in their free time.

It is essential we meet the users needs to feel comfortable to engage then meet up.

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