⚓DockSource: Airbnb for Boat Storage

I'm on a boat aannd...I need a slip aannd...

DockSource is a third-party company created for boaters by boaters. Our mission is dedicated to ensure our valued customers are connected and directed to the best resources within the local boat community. Through our innovative platform, we pride ourselves on providing customers with storage resources with a "what you see, is what you get" approach because we believe life should be simple. That being said, we are dedicated to providing our customers a better boating experience by removing needs like storage and finances so boaters can focus on getting back out onto the water.



Docksource transforms you from "landlubber" to "seadog". Our platform allows clients to search through available locations within the nearest marina community. As the docksource "buyer", buyers can search for their individual needs within our network, as well as, enjoy deals through our various marina partners. Let us take care of the hassles and get you to the water faster.


Docksource's platform empowers you to be the true captain. As the docksource "seller", sellers provide us information about the available space and let us handle the financing, marketing, and sales. Our focus is to de-clutter your busy schedule and put money in your pocket so you can focus on what really matters...Your vessel.