How will your friends and colleagues rate you?

Ceenic thinks it can help

Nowadays, we rate everything. Products…places…people…

Ceenic founder Bill Wong envisions a future where ratings matter and reputation is everything. Ceenic is an early stage startup focused on taking the 5-star system to the max, by providing users a single source of truth for the reputability of both professional events and business professionals.

Its an ambitious plan to say the least, but Bill feels that it will help enable giving people a voice and enable better decision making when it comes to professional engagements

It clicked when a mentee told him she felt invisible and he envisioned a technology platform to make people feel more seen and enable better decision making.

Ceenic aims to be the “Amazon reviews of people." Like predicting the weather forecast based on temperature and barometric pressure, Ceenic believes it can predict social engagement patterns based on individual all while providing the necessarty checks and balances to ensure the system isn’t abused.

That’s a tall toll for any company, especially a startup. But Wong assures that the system has the necessary safety net in place.

Ceenic will launch in the next few weeks.