Is It Time To Become an Entrepreneur?

Maybe the pandemic has changed the equation

I've never been satisfied with any job I've had. I want to solve problems quickly and move on to the next issue at hand. Often times I start a new job and restructure something to increase efficiency almost immediately. I struggle at this point in my life having the patience to wait on others. When I want things done, I want them done. I have also declined a few job offers recently and just today I stopped the process of interviewing for a job I "thought" I was interested in pursuing. To be honest it was very awkward and I doubt I would have continued anyway... but my gut was telling me it wasn't right so I politely declined to proceed.

This has been an issue for me the last few years. I feel like my instincts are telling me that I'll never be happy unless I'm in it for myself and my own ambitions. I'm not trying to sound like a problem... But I feel like this mentality is becoming a problem for me. I'm insatiable most days and I simply want more out of my life. I don't necessarily have the capital to start a business tomorrow, however I do have the skills to start some side hustles with the hope of generating several streams of income until something takes off.

People in my life seem to act as though my thinking is grandiose and out of touch with reality... But I'm confident I can find a way to make things work if I fall back on my work ethic and desire to continuously find something to improve or create.

Has the pandemic simply gotten to me? Am I going stir-crazy? Is it just likely that I haven't found the right fit?

...or are these feeling valid for someone that should work for themselves instead of working as an employee the rest of their life?

***This post was originally written by Jneedler***