KarmaCall: Your Refundable Paywall

It's safe to answer your phone again

Our mission is to create a privacy focused market that financially rewards all its participants and is strengthened by numbers. Through KarmaCalldata control becomes your commodity which you can sell or keep to yourself. We believe the future of great businesses is in shared prosperity and that requires that you are financially compensated for your data and time.

Imagine being able to hang up on a spam phone call and forcing the caller to pay you for it! Get immediate financial revenge against spammers who waste your time. Join us in the fight against malicious phone spammers.

What happens if you get a call?
We only check 1 thing before letting unknown Callers through; Has your phone number received a deposit? Here are the 3 kinds of calls you can get.

10,826 payments have been made for rejected calls so far. What are you waiting for? Download the app and get paid!
See these payments happening in real-time.

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