Short guide on how to generate leads for your agency with little-no budget

You can do a lot without spending a lot

Anyone that owns an agency knows the difficulty and the expenses that come in generating leads. Spending on ads, SEO and all those other things are starting to get more and more expensive, so I wanted to make a short guide illustrating how I generate 20 qualified leads/week whilst spending very little.

1) Get associated with a marketing group

The first tactic that I want to talk about is the most obvious, join a group of marketers or anyone that might need your services.

Joining a marketing group on Facebook or Slack can be beneficial to you if done correctly. The correct way to do this, is to ask questions about how they are marketing their business or what is the best marketing tactic currently out.

This will allow you to show them why they need your services and it's also a good chance for you to start building relationships with potential customers without trying to sell them directly. Remember no one likes being sold to directly.

Once you have joined a few groups or slack channels, created a friendly relationship you can start bringing up your services and see who needs it.

Posting on these groups consistently will allow you to generate as many leads as possible - checking DMs, sending them over to a landing page (with a funnel) and even sending over an invite to your Facebook group will be the most effective way to capture these leads.

2) Create a Facebook Group

The second method that I want to talk about is one of the more traditional methods when it comes to generating leads. Creating a Facebook group for people in your niche is another great way to generate leads without any budget at all.

Remember the key with this tactic is not spamming. You can post 10+ posts per day but make surethat they are non-salesy and value filled to the point. You can post about an article that you find that would be interesting or try getting them to answer questions on the group wall.

Individuals who join your group will see your posts, the value you bring and you will start to see that people will start approaching you for your service.

Make sure you optimize the Facebook group.

  • Make sure you have a great cover photo, post clear and concise posts. Optimize for SEO if you want to attract as many leads as possible.

3) Use Reddit

This technique is something I've had mixed success with, but it is definitely one of the most powerful ways to get exposure for free.

Reddit can be a tough community and you need to make sure that you're posting at the right time and in the relevant subreddits

Here's a few steps:

1.) Create a spreadsheet which contains all the subreddits that might have your ideal client profile

2) Start posting across these subreddits. Don't sell, ever. Just create value-driven content about your niche - add your website in your profile or link to your agency if you want but never sell. Due to the vale you're providing people will reach out to you.

3) You can even try creating your own subreddit, if you want to. This allows for 100% control of the community that you are generating leads from.

4) You should be consistent with this method, create a schedule for content creation, once again do not spam

5) Certain subreddits such as r/forhire, r/jobs4bitcoin are great example where you can directly promote your services and generate leads. Other subreddits are more of a value-driven approach.

4) Use Quora

Last but not least, I want to talk about Quora. Quora is a platform that allows you to post questions and receive answers from your community

I've been using Quora for a while now and it has allowed me to generate a lot of leads.

Here's how you should go about using Quora:

  1. Create a spreadsheet with all the questions tagged with your niche, try to include as much detail as possible and make it searchable.

(Edit: Almost forgot to add - optimize your quora profile so that it links to your landing page - this is where people can sign up!)

2) You can start by trying to answer questions that haven't been answered yet or haven't received many answers- you'll be the best person to answer these questions.

3) If you can't find any appropriate questions, go ahead and create your own - make sure it's a question that is not answered yet or very few people have answered it. Once you have created a question - answer it

4) Once someone answers your question try asking them if they are open to talking about how they got their results, try to refer back to your spreadsheet and reach out accordingly.

5) You can also use Quora as a lead magnet but make sure you add value first, that's the key

6) Try getting people into a Facebook group if they answer an appropriate question. More often than not, it works!

7) Make sure you stick to one method, don't try everything at once.

8) You should probably use Quora sparingly lest you get flagged for spamming.

5) LinkedIn automation

LinkedIn automation is a great way to generate leads, for me it's the most cost effective method yet.

LinkedIn has recently restricted the number of people you can reach out to weekly to 100/week, which is unfortunate - however you can get away with the restrictions by using multiple fake profiles (may sound black hat but it's extremely effective)

Here are the steps

  1. Optimise your LinkedIn profiles - make sure that you have a great cover photo, use a high quality profile picture and keep your profile as professional as possible. They should contain some skills, work experience and a realistic headline.

  2. Start scraping LinkedIn sales nav - add all your leads to a spreadsheet. Sales nav is only 60-70 a month so it's totally worth grabbing it. 3) Try scraping LinkedIn with data miner chrome extension it's free and easy to use

  3. Run your LinkedIn automation tool. It should start connecting with your ideal prospects - A/B test your messages to see which messages bring the most results (positive responses). I suggest something like Alfred or Octopus - it really depends on what your budget looks like and how willing you out to go all out on it.

  4. This data should be collected in a spreadsheet - every connection you send out should be tracked, their responses - tracked.

  5. You can get a VA to manually input this information in a spreadsheet - but also to reply to the prospects (those who gave a positive response should be collected in a CRM for qualification)

    **This post is re-published with approval by SidLust1***