This is the last computer you'll ever need

Kible is the world’s first consumer-grade, turnkey thin client

Its rare to see something that changes the paradigm of how we do things. Its even rarer to see that thing at its inception. But that’s just what the 1MC crew was treated to Wednesday morning.

At first glance, the Kible device looks like any other laptop. Stylish silver and black. Not much to write home about. But its when you “look under the hood” thats when things really start to shine.

That’s also when the brain teasers start. You see, Kible’s “engine” isn’t exactly under the hood. Instead, its in a data center miles away.

Kible’s secret is that it runs a streaming operating system, delivering the user everything they care about on screen, while handling all of the raw processing in the cloud. That innovation frees the local hardware from the normal rigors of a computer, and enables some truly unique features.

Kible actually speeds up your internet.

Firstly, Kible delivers MacBook Pro comparable performance for the price of a cheap Chromebook. Since the hardware is virtualized its also easily upgradeable at the push of a button. In fact, the Kible team argues that hardware will get faster over time.

The device experience is slick too. Their proprietary streaming technology makes it nearly impossible to tell that the computing isn’t happening locally. Interactions are instantaneous, and the there’s no lag between typing and seeing something appear on screen.

But it gets better.

Kible actually speeds up your internet. Well, not exactly, but it feels like it does. See, Kible only streams the data to your screen that you need to see. That means that when downloading files or queuing up videos, users are able to take advantage of the massive pipes that connect the data center processor to the net. Its truly a transcendent experience, and once you’ve tried it you’ll never go back.

With any new hardware startup, Kible suffers from some growing pains. Fit and finish isn’t the highest quality and a 3 week lead time for delivery isn’t great. But at $399 its easy to overlook some V1 issues for this kind of innovation.

We’re looking forward to more updates from Kible as they push the limits of what a computer is. Stay tuned…

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