Top 5 Reasons for Startups to Use Proxy Servers

With the increasing number of hacks and data leaks, companies operating on the internet are encountering significant risks. To protect startup businesses from cyberattacks at the very start, it is best to think about security measures well in advance. In particular, about the use of proxies.

1. Increased security

Proxy servers reduce the likelihood of being compromised and add an extra layer of security between your servers and external traffic.

2. Data protection

Proxies are best known for their ability to anonymize web traffic while protecting the identity of customers and employees. In addition, they help protect the research, development, and other activities of the company.

3. Balance of incoming traffic

Proxy servers balance requests to the company's website, prevent overload and provide quick access to the requested information.

4. Control of employee access to the Internet

Monitoring employee Internet use can protect a company from hacks and attacks. Employees can knowingly or unknowingly access websites that compromise the security of your company's online network, causing serious problems.

5. Email protection

Every day, every company receives a huge amount of emails containing attachments with malicious URLs. Employee accounts can be compromised and users can be tricked, so it is important to protect your company email accounts. Using proxy services every email can be scanned for malicious links or attachments.

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