Why we create

The moment of epiphany is like falling in love all over again

Creating is hard. Creating is messy. Creating causes pain.

Yet those who have chose the path pursue it daily.

Yet, creating has never been the goal. Its always the unfortunate process that has been needed to be endured in order to get to the what we seek.

A solution. The finish line. The moment of epiphany when we realize that we understand the problem and have connected the pieces to visualize the solution.

Its truly a drug.

I remember having “conversations” with my mom where she kept encouraging me to get a normal job. But I couldn’t walk away from the pursuit of discovery.

Entrepreneurs are a strange breed of intelligence and masochism. Willing to endure months or years of mental and physical anguish for a CHANCE to discover something unknown.

What those on the outside looking in are unaware of is exactly how hyper aware we are of our insanity.

When I say the highs are a drug. I mean it. Mentally there is no difference.

Over the years, I’ve learned to enjoy the ride, and revel in the madness, but that wasn’t always the case. It took SEVERAL deep pits of depressing and bounce backs to ween off the highs I was seeking.

Just like an addict, the incredible high is fleeting and followed by the lowest of lows. Then, you seek out to find your next fix. This chaotic lifestyle can destroy relationships, and ultimately you.

In spite of this, we create.

We create because it compels us. It drives us. It calls to us in a way few can appreciate.