Zencca matches you with cannabis

Thanks to Zencca for a great pitch. See you at #1MC next Wednesday!

The cannabis world is crowded with tons of products and growing daily. Zencca makes it easy to sort and find products custom selected just for you.

So how does it work?

To start off with, Zencca puts you through a rigorous customer profile survey to determine exactly who you are. After answering 27 questions, my profile popped up. These included everything from the type of person I am, so how sensitive I am to cannabis. And I had always assumed, I’m very special :)

The profile is further broken down into Proclivities, Paradigms, and Principals to give you a little more info on how the system views you. I must say, I thought mine was quite spot on, even thought I did rush the survey a bit.

After that, the system spits out target products that are tailored to you and what you’re looking for, and locates where you can find them nearby. You can alternatively browse the entire product catalog if you so choose.

Its interesting to see this type of matchmaking process for cannabis products. The industry is so new, and new products are constantly being created, so its tough to know whats you’ll like. After using Zencca, I feel confident this type of approach is here to stay.

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