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☕ Automating your Reddit engagement is a no-brainer

Did you know a Shopify brand invented influencer marketing?

The 10 Most Common Negotiation Myths that People Believe

Do you even crypto, bro?

Fundraising Is Hard. Period.

How to structure your digital marketing offerings


Top 5 Reasons for Startups to Use Proxy Servers

I want to change how banks operate. Here's my story.

Short guide on how to generate leads for your agency with little-no budget

What are the key characteristics of an effective sales pitch?

Is It Time To Become an Entrepreneur?

You need a CRM

☕ 10 Important Steps Before Launching Your Startup

☕ Top 10 Business Attributes to Consider When Bootstrapping

The Ample-Excess Approach to Pricing

All Sales Are "Local"

Focus on problems not symptoms

Stop! : A main street business news plea

☕ VCs: the dumbest guys in the room (and they know it)

Why we create

Stop caring about profitability

☕️ Use this simple trick to get UNLIMITED free trials on any website

Stop aiming for the stars & start trying to land on Mars

The customer is always right...except when they're not your customer

☕️ An investment valuation step function simplifies the negotiation process

5 VC sales tips for technical founders

Raising capital? This is what you need to sell

☕ A Brief Newsletter Update

This is the perfect sport for founders

Increasing your odds of creating a successful business

☕ Your baby needs this

Pitch Critique: 123BabyBox is a great example of passion

☕ This weeks 1MC - August 25, 2021

Why Tesla's switch to SaaS could fail

How will your friends and colleagues rate you?

☕ This weeks 1MC - August 18, 2021

Early stage startup deal flow drops 23% in Q2

☕ This weeks 1MC - August 11, 2021

Never look in your rear view mirror

☕ This weeks 1MC - August 4, 2021

Do Stuff & Meet People with activity8

"Meat-space" needs platforms too

☕ This weeks 1MC - July 28, 2021

Worried about mental health?

Venture capital, private equity, bootstrapping, oh my!

☕ This weeks 1MC - July 21, 2021

☕ Last Weeks Recap

☕ This weeks 1MC invite

☕ This weeks 1MC invite

☕ This weeks 1MC invite

☕ This weeks 1MC invite

☕ This weeks 1MC invite

☕ This weeks 1MC invite

☕ This weeks 1MC invite

☕ This Weeks 1MC Invite

This Weeks 1MC Invite

☕ This Weeks 1MC Invite

This weeks 1MC invite

This weeks 1MC Event

This weeks 1MC Invite

This Weeks 1MC Invite

This Weeks 1MC Invite

Helping Teens Have Healthier Minds

This Weeks 1MC Invite

Startup Resource of the Week

Zencca matches you with cannabis

Today@1MC: Learn about the future of cannabis

How Do Venture Capitalists Make Decisions?

🐜 Wayfinder Program Opens Doors to All UC-Affiliated Startups

🧠 BrainPod makes learning easy

Skaka improves company culture🤙🤙🤙

Join us at 1MC - Today @ 8AM ☕️☕️☕️

☕ 1MC alumni “Startup Space” announces two new hires to fuel growth and continue expansion

Long Beach Accelerator welcomes inaugural cohort

PatientXpress gives dentist practices profitability solutions

FynCom starts crowdfunding for KarmaCall

Bob Genthert issues heartfelt statement regarding EvoNexus closure

HORUS enters private beta ♈♒♋

💰🔥InfoApp: Deliver content that matters to the customer

🐜🍴Voting is OPEN for UCI's New Venture Competition

🚀📈 Orange County's Best Startup Accelerators

🔥Breaking: EvoNexus closes Irvine branch

⚕️Current Surgical: Enabling doctors to treat untreatable cancers

🌟Whats Technology?

💉⚕️📄GenOp: Data Transfer Software for EMR/EHR Systems

⚓DockSource: Airbnb for Boat Storage

Anti-Na: Ease Nausea Discomfort Naturally

KarmaCall: Your Refundable Paywall

3 Presentation Pitfalls to Avoid on Zoom

It's Tinder for Startups & Investors

The Rise of the "Right"

Everest Master, Inc. introduces next gen networking